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Your grammar is terrible to say the least. In order to enthrall people about a story with very unprofessionally done drawings you need to understand the language you're using. The storyline isn't too terrible, but I hope it isn't mostly text based like this preview was. If you'd like be to go over your script before you place it in a flash then give me a pm with it.

Beautifully done

Your work is very artistic and fits Perfectly to the music. It's like I feel bad that I even have to give this thing a five. Shouldn't you just get to upload your stuff without it even being considered for deletion?

Fate responds:

I'm glad you think it suits the music.
that's always the hardest part for me.
Finding the right song.
And I don't mind the judgement process, though it drives me crazy when it's got one vote left, and nobody watches it. :P


The intro was kinda noobish, but the flash was actually pretty good when it got into it. Could've gone a little something with the background characters, but the blurring was a nice touch. For a second animation I have to say this is great work.

Tuggieman responds:

the intro was supposed to resemble the youtube video: Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 3. thats why I put that there.

And yes, the background was not supposed to be seen directly.

thank you

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You shouldn't have to click a MILLION times in order to kill one person. There are only two guys, both suck. Levels are repetitive.

The only reason I could think of to play this game would be for the medals and the medal points.

io3creations responds:

This is just a "preview". The "full" version is coming on Madness Day 2013 and will have a lot MOAR upgrades and stuff! :) That version will be more balanced.

I guess you missed both the title of the game and the 'How To Slice' part at the beginning. (this is available in the updated version only) since you don't need to click that many times.

This is a great game. For those saying that the aiming is hard... well, I have news for you. That's how it's supposed to be! It's a game where you're not fully in control of where you aim. That's the beauty of it. It's not a flaw in the game, but a main feature where the player must maneuver themselves out of harms way while also being cautious and aware of where they're aiming.

The bosses were all hard, and the weapons were great. However, I wish there was a little more variation.

At any rate, Thank you for a spot on game. I definitely played until I had collected all of the achievements. Took me about an hour.

Extra lives don't work, there's almost no reason to move from the starting point as the enemies appear to all spawn a little too high.

Rhuno responds:

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback; I appreciate it. What issue did you have with extra lives? They work fine for me and no one reported any issues with them during testing. Also, the game difficulty ramps up as you earn more points. The middle is safe in the beginning, but not when the later enemy types are introduced.

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Needs a little something

Something right in the middle insted of it just one thing over and over... drove my mom nutz though=D

Lusid responds:

Yeah I know. I never got the chance to complete this one. Laziness, it's a beotch.


The begining is a little repeditive but it would do nice in a zombie killer flash or something of the sort!

Rucklo responds:

He he, be my guest and use the music if u´re up for making a zombie film, man!
And thanx alot for the review! :D

a better name is "Egypsian final fight"

good sounds though=P keep up the good work!

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Don't worry

No one is going to repost this. Ever. It's crappy and it has Naturo? Oh, Instant Blam.

OctopusPriem responds:

Envy will get you in hell, sonny-boy. Do you really want demon bsby-Jesus to caress your cornholio?

Me? I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

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